2. Protection of personal data

2.1. Personal data is information that identifies the Buyer and which the Buyer provides to the online store, wanting to make a purchase. The buyer, when ordering the goods, must indicate in the appropriate information windows provided by the Seller the personal data of the Buyer necessary for the proper performance of the order: name, surname, address of delivery of goods, telephone number and e-mail address.

2.2. The seller uses the personal data of the buyer only to ensure the purchase procedure, does not transfer them to third parties for promotional or other purposes. The seller takes all measures to preserve the personal data of the Buyer from loss, destruction, forgery, misuse and connection.

2.3. Agreeing with the fact that the Buyer's personal data will be used in the Seller's Internet store for selling him goods and services, the Buyer also agrees that, at the e-mail address and telephone number specified by the Buyer, information messages necessary for the fulfilment of the order will be sent.

2.4. Buyer, registering in the online store and ordering goods, agrees to keep and not to disclose to anyone the data for connection.

2.5. Cookies files that are temporarily stored on the computer's hard drive of the Seller to the next visit by the buyer of the Internet store, the Buyer's computer has been identified. The Seller's site uses cookies only for information related to collecting information about visits to the site.