You can pay for the order in the most convenient way for you:

Payment through OPAY Payment Collection System - prepayment of the order using an electronic banking system used by the Buyer. When paying for an order in this way, a payment is created in the electronic banking system in accordance with the order that the Buyer has to pay. The seller provides this service in cooperation with a partner - UAB OPAY solutions (company code 302664558), which operates the system. In this case, the Buyer transfers the money to the bank account of UAB OPAY solutions. Payment institution UAB OPAY solutions is responsible for transferring funds to the final recipient.

Payment at the store - the Buyer pays for the ordered goods in cash at the UAB Ravisana store at the time of receipt. The goods in the store will be prepared in accordance with the placed order within two working days. When the order is ready for shipment, we will notify you by email. IMPORTANT: If you are ordering products to be created and the total order amount exceeds 10 €, a prepayment is required, for which you will receive a prepayment invoice by email.

Payment by bank transfer - Upon placing an order, the Buyer receives a prepayment invoice on his e-mail, which he pays through an online system of his bank or by transferring money to the Seller's account at bank branch.

Important! When making a bank transfer, in the "Purpose of payment" field, you must enter first name and last name of the client or the name of the company, which are indicated in the invoice for prepayment, and the order number. We will see your order only the next business day, so if you want us to ship the goods earlier, please send a copy of your order by email to

Bank account details:

Recipient: UAB Ravisana
acc: LT90 7044 0600 0031 1594
Bank: AB SEB bankas
Company code: 122350285
Purpose of payment: please provide customer name / company name and order number.
Payment code: please do not enter.

Pay by bank transfer only after receiving your prepayment invoice.

Pay via PayPal Online Payment Platform - Buyer pays for the order from an PayPal account, which can be funded using a suitable credit or debit card or bank account.