What is ramalina.eu?


ramalina.eu - online store of the studio "RAMALINA". Our studio specializes in felting from wool. Everything that is sold in the studio is completely made with our own hands.


What are we doing?


We produce home slippers and street shoes, clothes, hats and caps, wool ornaments, bags, scarves, various small accessories, toys and interior items. Usually we do things in one copy and repeat only on order. You can purchase finished goods or order what you need. We welcome creative clients who trust us to realize their ideas. We want our products not only to warm, but also to please people, help them express their individuality, and encourage them to take care of nature.


What materials do we use?


We use wool of sheep and other animals, natural silk, linen, cotton, other natural materials and viscose. We like natural materials, their warmth, we like working with them, wearing products from them. We are glad that the animals were not harmed, the materials can be used without waste, and old things will not pollute nature.


Who does all this?


Olga Nugarene and Ana Strukova are sisters, felting masters, members of the Lithuanian association “Kūrėjų-meistrų respublika” (Association of Creative People and Masters).