For feet with features

Quite often, relatives of people turn to us for whom it is difficult or impossible to pick up shoes in the store. In most cases, these are very elderly people or people with disabilities who do not leave home. We make slippers and home felt boots according to individual measurements for those who:

• very wide or narrow feet,

• deformed and protruding joints of the toes,

• interlocked toes,

• high instep or feet strongly swell,

• the sensitivity of the feet is impaired (slippers are needed that will not fall from the feet).

If the doctor told you to wear orthopedic insoles, we can cover them with real new wool felt.

We can develop a model tailored to your feet.

If your right foot and left foot are different sizes, we can make shoes for you. And also we can make shoes for one foot.

In addition, we can please the ladies with big feet, so we can decorate slippers of any size as women’s.

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